Keita Takahashi, the guy behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, is a wacky guy β€” he makes wacky games! But he has plans for more wacky games he hasn't even started making yet. There's this FPS concept he's got...

Talking with game site Develop, Takahashi explains, "I had this idea for an FPS where the player's character grows in size, gets bigger and bigger as the game progresses. But as you get bigger some weapons are too small to use, so you have to improvise; maybe throw airplanes at the enemies. That sort of stuff.
So I have this idea of making a fun and unique FPS, with the right team it would be a good FPS."

Even if it wasn't a very good FPS, it would sure be something.

Interview: Keita Takahashi [Develop] [Pic]