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Tokyo Game Show kicks off next week and Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahahi's next effort, Nobi Nobi Boy, will be there. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 exclusive is slated to be shown in video form only. Hopefully that video will be more informative about the gameplay mechanics of Nobi Nobi Boy than Takahashi's previous demonstrations of the game. Namco Bandai lists the release date as still "undecided." For the full list of Namco Bandai wares on display at TGS, please continue.Games being shown in video form only are italicized. PlayStation 3 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Nobi Nobi Boy Xbox 360 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Galaga Legions Wii Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Daikaiju Battle Ultra Coliseum Happy Dance Collection Family Ski World Ski & Snowboard Fragile: Farewell, Ruins of the Moon One Piece Unlimited Cruise Episode 1 Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Wii Deluxe Pro Golfer Saru Nintendo DS Soul Eater: Medusa’s Conspiracy Yes! Pre Cure 5 GO GO! Zenin Shuu Go! Dream Carnival Dr. Slump Arale Chan Tamagatchi no Kira Kira Omisecchi Tales of Hearts Anime Movie Edition Tales of Hearts CG Movie Edition Dragon Ball: Origins Anpanman to Touch de Waku Waku Training PSP Macross Ace Frontier Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Gundam Idolmaster SP Perfect Sun Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 Idolmaster SP Wandering Star Idolmaster SP Missing Moon PlayStation 2 Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Gundam Meisers Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Super Robot Taisen Z PC Legend of the Galactic Heroes Tokyo Game Show 2008 [NBGI via Siliconera]

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