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Katamari Available on iPhone

Illustration for article titled Katamari Available on iPhone

It may be called "I Love Katamari," but it's not a knock-off. Straight from Namco Bandai, you can start rolling it up with your iPhone (or iPod Touch's) accelerometer for $7.99.


I Love Katamari takes up 82 MB and features four gameplay modes — Story, Time Attack, Exact Size and Eternal. Only three reviews up so far, one complains about the frame rate, but that seems a problem of the iPhone and not the application itself.

Anyway, it's Katamari on your mobile. Had no idea this one was in the works.

I Love Katamari [Link opens iTunes. thanks Veselov, Falsoman and others]

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And Katamari is STILL not on the Wii, nor the DS for that matter; yet it's on an iPhone (-.-). Woe is me, and the other Wii owners.