K-Pop Pick Of The Day: This And That

Track: This And That | Artist: 5dolls | Album: Time To Play
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This And That by 5dolls is the product of a long and tortured history, even considering the amount of drama that goes on behind the scenes in K-Pop.

After the idol group Coed School unceremoniously crumbled in 2010 following drug and rape allegations against one of its members, their agency split the group into two parts: the men into SPEED, which is barely a footnote in K-Pop history, and the girls into 5dolls, which lasted for slightly longer.

Before they disbanded, though, they gave us potentially one of the most addictive tracks in modern K-Pop history (if you count 2011 as modern oh my god I’m old).


Strictly speaking, 5dolls wasn’t a simple 1:1 shift from half of Coed School; in the process, they added Eunkyo, bringing the member count to five (hence the name). Amusingly, they would go on to have six members, rendering the name moot. They would rebrand themselves to F-ve Dolls, which is an even stupider name than 5dolls (and which I refuse to lend credence to).

Despite some moderate success, 5dolls would disband in 2014, three years after their “debut” (and four years after Coed School). Their dissolution came suspiciously close to their agency’s sale to another company, but there isn’t any evidence to suggest the two events were linked.

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if you count 2011 as modern oh my god I’m old

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