Track: Shower | Artist: Norazo | Album: Shower (single)
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It’s always a fun, if slightly down-the-rabbit-hole-esque time whenever the irreverent rock duo Norazo releases a new song. Shower is no different.

Shower is basically more of the same thing that Norazo has been known for since their debut in 2005. Even a quick glance at their previously-featured songs on this column, like Superman and Cider, is enough to solidify Norazo’s reputation as the creators of some of Korea’s weirdest, head-scratching, yet somehow ear-worming music. (This is usually around the time when I muse upon how much I miss Orange Caramel.)


Norazo does seem to love co-opting Indian musical themes in their own songs and visuals; Shower contains more than a few direct homages (or, depending on your point of view, blatant cultural appropriations) to Indian religious figures, musical phrases and Bollywood cliches.

The thing is, Shower is far from the most pertinent example of this; check out their 2010 release, Curry, for some truly eyebrow-raising shit.

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