Track: Uh-Oh | Artist: (G)I-DLE | Album: Uh-Oh (single)

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(G)I-DLE, the winners of the ignominious Worst Group Name Ever Award, is back with Uh-Oh, and it’s a total 90's nostalgia trip.

From the record scratches to the percussion beat to the choreography, Uh-Oh is a love song to that decade when we as a collective society determined that, when it came to highlights, the limit did not exist. Heck, even the outfits lean in to that whole vibe; there’s enough denim in this music video to fully clothe an entire Canadian village.

The influence is especially notable in the chorus, where I very nearly did a double-take as I was struck by brief flashbacks to listening to Britney Spears for the first time. That was not the only double-take I would do during the duration of this video, however; is that a mic literally on fire at 1:37??