K-Pop Pick Of The Day: My Copycat

Track: My Copycat | Artist: Orange Caramel | Album: My Copycat (single)
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If Where’s Waldo? crossed with K-Pop sounds intriguing, this is for you. My Copycat is one of the most wildly creative and inventive K-Pop music videos I’ve had the pleasure to see.

At brief points throughout the music video, it invites you to find the hidden differences between the two images on screen; the number on the top corner alludes to the total number of changes that you can find. It’s fun! Give it a try.

The song itself isn’t too bad, either; the opening brass strikes an energetic tone that carries its way throughout the entire track. While the brass may disappear into the background every so often, it never fully goes away, making for a foot-tapping, nearly carnival-esque experience.


Sadly, this would be Orange Caramel’s last release. While Pledis continues to deny that the group is done, radio silence from all of the members (not to mention their parent group After School, similarly moribund) since this 2014 release doesn’t give us much hope for their eventual return.

Orange Caramel was, and remains, one of K-Pop’s most inventive groups to ever exist. In a genre where it sometimes feels like everyone is just riffing on the same trend, or going through the motions singing whatever their company handed down to them, Orange Caramel brought real passion to their work and genuine excitement for their concept.

Which brings up the question: what exactly was their concept? The great thing about Orange Caramel was, no one was really sure; it’s hard to box in a group when their discography runs the gamut from Magic Girl to Bangkok City, and from Catallena to A-ing.

In general, though, everyone agrees on one thing: Orange Caramel was offbeat. They were a concept unto themselves, always subverting expectations on what they would do next, and injecting some much-needed whimsy into the K-Pop scene.


This is Orange Caramel week, an entire week dedicated to discussing one of the more fascinating girl groups to ever exist in K-Pop. (And, incidentally, one of my favorites.)

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Mud loves everyone except you. You suck

Sadly, this would be Orange Caramel’s last release.

This is sort of surprising since I remember this song being all over the place that year. Have the three already been spun off into their acting and Running Man careers?