K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Q&A

Track: Q&A | Artist: Cherry Bullet | Album: Let’s Play Cherry Bullet (single)
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When a major agency debuts a new girl group and said group’s first music video is a love letter to video games, that makes my job a little easier.


Cherry Bullet is the new girl group from FNC Entertainment, and as far as girl group names go, we’ve seen worse (remember these poor ladies?). It kind of rolls off the tongue.

FNC Entertainment is the agency better known for their rock bands like CNBLUE and F.T. Island, and more recently, AOA. Cherry Bullet is FNC’s first girl group since the latter’s debut in 2012, and the timing is right—seven years, believe it or not, counts as a pretty long career for a K-Pop idol, and is about when a girl group might enter its “sunsetting” years.

Q&A, Cherry Bullet’s debut single, is... fine. It’s bright, poppy, and only kind of sounds like a demo track. In short, it’s a very pedestrian K-Pop song. More interesting for us, though, is the music video, because the first time I saw it, I was double-taking more than Hank Hill seeing a well-done steak.

First, I’d like to point out that these girls are using a pretty serious racing setup, complete with a third-party pedal controller:

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Those knobs look like a pain to work, though. Hopefully they don’t control anything important.

And... D.Va, is that you?


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’m pretty sure the Game Boy did not have a touch screen. (How’d they even get that prop?)

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I didn’t mind this song, but I would say that it clearly sounds like a demo track. The video games MV isn’t new for FNC either, considering they just did it for AOA’s “Bingle Bangle”. (Side note: I know that “Bingle Bangle” is a ridiculous and stupid song, but I actually prefer it over this. It’s catchy!)

It isn’t a bad debut song, but to me it isn’t very memorable either.

Also, did they explain why they’re “Cherry Bullet”? Do they have a gun somewhere? WAIT HOLD UP I just read that they have specialties like “Healing” and “Machine Gun”. I’m lost.