K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Latata

Track: Latata | Artist: (G)I-DLE | Album: I Am (EP)
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(G)I-DLE only debuted less than a month ago, but they recently clutched their first music show win with Latata — becoming one of the fastest groups to reach that point in their careers.

Unwieldy name aside, (G)I-DLE (the G is silent) actually comes with a bit of pedigree. All of the girls in the group have some degree of previous name recognition, through either reality programs like Produce 101 or pre-debut cameos in music videos.


Latata gives off some definite Blackpink or K.A.R.D vibes, which is absolutely a compliment on my part. K-Pop needs more girl groups that aren’t afraid to escape the omnipresent cute-sexy spectrum that seems to govern every other debut concept. (And hey, are they playing on a Nintendo Switch at 2:11???)

Now, let’s hope that Cube, their agency, doesn’t fuck this up. Given their track record (remember Highlight?), I’m... worried.

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