K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Peppermint Chocolate

Track: Peppermint Chocolate | Artist: K.Will, MAMAMOO (feat. Wheesung) | Album: Peppermint Chocolate (single)

As I freshened up my familiarity with MAMAMOO’s discography while writing the column for Yes I Am several days ago, I stumbled upon 2014's Peppermint Chocolate, one of their pre-debut songs, sung in collaboration with K.Will.


K.Will is one of the more prolific and well-known solo artists in the Korean music canon, best-known for his contributions to K-drama soundtracks like Like A Star (from You Who Came From The Stars) and Talk Love (from Descendants Of The Sun). His appearance in this pre-debut release gave MAMAMOO a lot of cachet and credibility that would help them out during the debut process.

The phrase “pre-debut release” sounds a bit questionable (for how can a group release work without, well, debuting?), but I find it easier to chalk it up to one of K-Pop’s funny little quirks, right alongside calling new releases “comebacks” and chart-topping songs “perfect all-kills” (don’t ask).

Also, since we haven’t done this in a while, let’s play my favorite game: Spot The Awkward English In The Video Description. Here’s a downright magical excerpt:

‘Peppermint Chocolate’ is a retro-funky style song with funky rhythm mixed with retro sounds.... the funky and unique melody goes well with the lyrics, making the song more stylish and chic.

Sorry, I missed that, are you saying this song is... funky?

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Mud Dedoochka

are you saying this song is... funky?

Nothing is funky until George Clinton says it is.