K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Mr Chu

Track: Mr Chu | Artist: A Pink | Album: Pink Blossom
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Korean girl group concepts exist along a spectrum of cute to sexy. There are outliers, and a group may move up or down this spectrum along the course of their lifespans, but generally speaking, most of them can be neatly categorized along this line: they’re either on the cuter side, or the sexier side, and some are in between.


A Pink is the definition of the cute girl group, as this music video for Mr Chu readily attests. If this isn’t enough, there’s also I Don’t Know, Hush, My My, NoNoNo, and a dozen more to fully convince you, once and for all, that a diet of A Pink is probably enough to give you diabetes before you reached the end of their discography.

These videos are also a great example of aegyo, a Korean word with no direct English translation. In lieu of a definition, I’ve prepared some visual aids:

Many texts translate it as “acting cute”, which I don’t think is quite accurate; I like to define it as an unnatural act of cuteness that is done for the sole purpose of eliciting a reaction, either positive or negative. Aegyo is a quintessential part of K-Pop; it’s effective fan service, an easy way to rack up YouTube views, and emphasizing idol personalities.

A Pink has aegyo down to a science, and the world is a better place for it.

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So.... the equivalent of kawaii in Japanese?