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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Monsieur

Track: Monsieur | Artist: Stella Jang & Pleyn | Album: Staples
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I’ve been on an indie kick recently if you haven’t noticed. I personally blame Haruna.


Stella Jang, who officially debuted in 2014, is an interesting study. Her musical style is greatly influenced by 90s artists like Yoon Jong Shin and Jung Jae Hyung, by her own admission, and yet, her latest track is an eighties-city-pop cover. For her Staples album, she collaborated closely with noted producer Pleyn.

While the title track for Staples is actually Voyager (and it’s fantastic), I personally prefer this one, Monsieur—if only for the impeccable English and French pronunciation, but also for its perfect marriage of Stella’s flirty, slightly playful voice and the lilting piano and brass. If her French pronunciation sounds particularly authentic, it’s because Stella Jang actually grew up in France—starting in middle school and staying until college. Sorry, l’université.

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This song feels like it belongs in a Lupin the Third episode.  So Jazzy.