K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Love Options

Track: Love Options | Artist: BESTie | Album: Love Options (single)
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Korean indie music is all well and good, but sometimes you’re in the mood to listen to slickly cheerful popstragavanzas injected straight into your veins. BESTie’s Love Options may be your best, ahem, option.


BESTie was a relatively short-lived group, even by K-Pop standards; they debuted in 2013 and released their final songs in 2015. They left behind a small number of mini-albums and digital singles, of which Love Options is my favorite. (Excuse Me is also a go-to, by reason of its brass accompaniment alone.)

If you listen to BESTie’s discography, it may remind you of the far more popular and well-known EXID. There’s a good reason for that—three of the four BESTie members (Yuji, Hyeyeon and Haeryung) were part of EXID’s debut lineup! Who knows how K-Pop history would have changed if they had elected to stay long enough to see the group’s post-Up & Down revival.

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It’s my favorite song from BESTie. It’s such a good earworm!

I’m sad that they didn’t get more popular :\