K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Hot Pink

Track: Hot Pink | Artist: EXID | Album: Hot Pink
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While Up & Down may have catapulted EXID into instant stardom, Hot Pink is my favorite track of theirs. (Those cowbells!)

The story of EXID’s meteoric rise is something straight out of 21st-century millennial fanfiction: struggling in obscurity since their debut in 2012, the girl group hit belated gold when a fan-taken video of one of their live performances of Up & Down went viral over the internet.

It gets even more dramatic when you consider that the song in question had already released, and flopped, months before the viral video happened, and that EXID had been on the brink of disbandment before that surprise hit brought them rushing back. They would keep that momentum going with Ah Yeah and this track, Hot Pink.


Here’s a fun story: a few weeks after the video went viral, EXID ended up running into the fan who had been behind the camera. The resulting interaction is possibly the cutest thing you’ll see today, as Hani mouths “thank you” to him in the audience.

So cute.

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How does one get into J and K Pop? (Heck, I don’t even know where to start with American Pop, and I’m American.)