K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Lost N Found

Track: Lost N Found | Artist: Lovelyz | Album: Sanctuary
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We haven’t listened to good, old-fashioned idol pop in a while, haven’t we?

Lovelyz is an eight-member girl group that debuted in 2014 under Woollim Entertainment (the same agency behind Infinite), which makes them the same “age” as Red Velvet, Akdong Musician, GOT7 and WINNER. While Lovelyz hasn’t quite reached the level of popularity that their contemporaries have gained, they’re not on the chopping block either—in fact, their fans have enjoyed a steady stream of new music releases for the past half decade, most of which have reached middling-to-good success (and even a few music show trophies along the way). Lost N Found is their latest title track.


Unusually for an idol group, which usually swing through the traditional K-Pop concept spectra several times over their lifespans (see Girl’s Day for a prime example), Lovelyz has stubbornly maintained a similar cutesy, youthful visual and aural concept since their debut track with Candy Jelly Love. Here’s a small sampling:

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