K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Darling

Track: Darling | Artist: Girl’s Day | Album: Everyday #4
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Welcome to Summer Songs Week, where we attempt to stave off the heat that’s slowly killing us all with beachy, refreshing tunes.


Yup, it’s summer. You know what that means: popsicles, beach days, A/C on full blast... and the annual dose of K-Pop groups clamoring to nab a slice of that sweet, sweet summer release action.

Girl’s Day had an inauspicious start, debuting with the much-maligned Tilt My Head—an example of what happens when auto-tune becomes sentient and tries to take over the world.


Fortunately, they soon turned things around, and would go on to become a successful group following the tried-and-true formula of starting off cute and transitioning to sexy. Remember that cute-sexy spectrum we talked about a few weeks ago? Girl’s Day embodies that spectrum like few others do.

Darling came out in summer 2014, which is well after Girl’s Day completed their transformation into full-tilt sexy from earlier tracks like Twinkle Twinkle and Hug Me Once. (While fans will be quick to point to 2010's powerful, girl-power-themed Nothing Lasts Forever, that song remains an aberration—despite being one of their best tracks.)

I’m certainly not one to begrudge a girl group a concept that suits them—and suit Girl’s Day, sexy does—but one does wonder, now that they basically have nowhere further to go on one side of the spectrum, will they swing back around in the opposite direction? Will we ever see something like Don’t Forget Me again? I certainly hope so.

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You bring up a good point. They’ve done “cute”, “sexy” and “girl crush” (I mean, with “Nothing Lasts Forever”...and that counts right?), so where do they go from here? Is this the reason they’re down to like one comeback every 1.5 years????

“SSUMSSING” IS MY JAM...says the guy who can do the entire dance....