Track: Lonely Night | Artist: Gary (feat. Gaeko) | Album: Lonely Night (single)

Ever get the feeling that your job is just, like, slowly killing you from the inside? This music video is for you.

Many foreign K-Pop fans were introduced to Gary through the variety show Running Man. Incidentally, the actress in this music video is Song Ji Hyo, one of his co-stars from the show; together, they were the Monday Couple, one of the more popular love lines (“ships”) on Korean television.

Gary was part of the hip-hop duo Leessang, which we’ve covered in this column before. Leessang disbanded several years ago, and now Gary is off the grid—married with a kid, it seems, and enjoying the quiet life. While I’m sad we won’t get any more of his unique, offbeat rapping, I can’t deny a man his well-deserved break.

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