Track: How People Move | Artist: Akdong Musician | Album: Spring Pt. 1
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Get up and dance, because Akdong Musician’s How People Move is all about—you guessed it—dancing. Plus, it’s Friday. Do you really need an excuse?


This brother-sister duo, stylized as AKMU, is mostly known for their acoustic pop, from which How People Move was their first significant departure. (I covered one of their acoustic pop examples, Give Love, in an earlier column.)

If the quality of this song is any indication, it looks like the decision to branch out was a good one. The charming lyrics ask you to really consider how people, well, move: have you ever thought how crazy it is that we put one foot in front of the other, or the way our ribs show when we take a deep breath? Isn’t it great that we’re born as humans? Imagine if we were born as toys! That would suck, not being able to move on our own.


The brass that steadily builds throughout the background of How People Move is just the cherry on top of this incredibly exuberant and upbeat sundae. If your foot isn’t at least tapping by the end of this video, you might be broken somewhere. I recommend getting that checked out, please.

While Akdong Musician is currently on hiatus as Chanhyuk serves out his mandatory military service (along with every other able-bodied Korean male), Suhyun has been keeping herself busy, appearing on several television programs and, in a welcome twist, tearing down Korea’s beauty standards.

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