K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Girls' Generation

Track: Girls’ Generation | Artist: Stella Jong | Album: Colors
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This isn’t a song by Girls’ Generation, the iconic girl group. This is a song about Girls’ Generation.


Stella Jang has consistently put out some great music, which has also led to her being featured on this column again and again with Vanishing Paycheck, Monsieur, and Beautiful. Her vocal and musical range continues to astonish me; jumping from city pop, to improvisational jazz, to modern pop and back again.

Stella’s lyrics tend to skew toward relatable, everyday feelings, like how Vanishing Paycheck dealt with the woes of working-class millennials. Girls’ Generation is no different, with the lyrics focusing on the realities of a young woman trying to make it in Korea. “I’m not Tiffany,” she sings. “I’m not Taeyeon or Seohyun, and I’m definitely not Yoona... I’m just a girl, just a girl.”

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Gee, I wonder why they made a song about this group.