Just When You Thought You Couldn't Care Less About Binary Domain, a Multiplayer Trailer Arrives

I've not played any of Sega's upcoming sci-fi shooter Binary Domain, so it could be the best game ever created by human humans for all I know. I'm having an incredibly difficult time mustering any excitement at all for the title, and this new multiplayer trailer isn't helping at all.

I blame Square Enix. Remember last year's MindJack? The futuristic shooter with the amazing body-hopping concept that fell completely flat and is now available new at many retailers for under $10? Probably not.

Now we've got another futurist shooter with an interesting hidden robots living among us concept, and there is no enthusiasm in me whatsoever. I'm all cold inside. Oh so cold.


Perhaps I'm just feeling it wrong. Maybe MindJack has ruined me for other sci-fi shooters. Maybe I'll pick up a copy on February 28 just to prove my gut wrong.

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I see this trailer and I can't help but think this is pretty much a "sci-fi" version of Breach. Oh boy did Breach not deliver.

Combine that with the inflated CoD point system and I'm worried that we'll end up with yet-another-CoD-leveling-system.