Two of the ten bazillion HDTVs on display at this year's CES were the LE9500 and PK950, previously noted for manufacturer LG Electronics' claims of a "Wii-like experience," courtesy of its Magic Motion remote. Just how Wii-like was it?


In terms of pointing a remote at a screen and things happening, it was dead on. Like the Wii, LG's TVs equipped with Magic Motion support can also play games, as you'll see in the video above. It's certainly not as intuitive as the Wii, as you'll see by my signature fumbling and struggle to play a game of Cooking Burgers.

And it wasn't the experience I'd have chosen to interact with a TV's menu system, based on the sometimes sloppy pointer recognition, which required occasional reorientation, and perhaps too few buttons on the remote.


But if you consider a Wii-like experience to be having access to an on-screen mouse pointer and shaky gesture recognition, plus a few mini-games, you'll see that the LE9500—the set we tested—has those aspects in spades. You'll also see what it the presentation was meant to be like in the quick ad spot for the TV below, when not demoed by clumsy Kotaku editors.

Next year, I'm getting Crecente one of those iPhone steady cams, to prevent reader nausea. Promise.

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