LG's Newest HDTVs Claim "Wii-like" Control Experience

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How can television manufacturer LG Electronics make its latest batch of big black rectangles stand apart from the crowd? While CES is full of bigger-than-last-year TVs and high-def 3D displays, it's LG's new "Magic Wand" that intrigues us.

The TV maker says that its new LE9500 and PK950 sets "incorporate a unique 'Magic Wand' remote system that provides an immersive interaction with the set." The interface "brings together menus, component controls and even embedded games, which can be accessed using a simple remote that combines minimal buttons and gestures to control the on-screen activity, mirroring a 'Wii-like' experience."

That would mean the circle is now complete, is it not? The Wii Remote, inspired by the television remote, has become the inspiration for a new way to control our high-def displays.


We've seen more than our share of motion control attempts at CES, few of them something we'd prefer to use outside of a convention center. But we'll be hitting up LG's booth to see if we can experience the "magic" of controlling a television this way later this week.

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Kuwabara Kazuo

I don't know but just because it's LG makes me unsure. The only HDTVs I trust are Sony's and Samsung's. Only thing LG I have is my cellphone, LG Prada I & II and even that I can say is kinda meh, good thing it's sexy and piques chicks' interest or I would've got rid of it.

I have 22" Samsung now and thinking of upgrading (again) soon because they say it's not "full" HD.

Anyone with LG HDTVs share their POV with their telly?