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There's no denying it. Upcoming PS3 exclusive God of War III is a big game. But how big is big?


"35Gb of goodness," tweeted Sony Santa Monica Director of Technology Tim Moss. "Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays." Dual Layer Blu-ray discs started shipping in 2006 and can hold up to 50GB.

For comparison's sake, Ratchet and Clank Future was around 22GB, while Metal Gear Solid 4 was too big for the 50GB Blu-ray disc. God of War III is somewhere in the middle.


Disc space can change depending on, say, whether or not the cutscenes are rendered in game or whether or not they are pre-rendered. Because it's not how many GB your game has, but how your game uses them. (And whether or not they can do that figure 8 move with their hips.)

Twitter / Tim Moss: #GOW3 35Gb of goodness. Th ... [Twitter via The Lost Gamer]

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