Just Cause 4 Announced—Officially This Time

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Sure, a Steam ad already leaked it, but Microsoft today officially announced Just Cause 4. This iteration of the open world action game features in-air helicopter collisions, a powerful private army and a huge, man-eating tornado. It will be out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC December 4, 2018.


Here’s the trailer:

Senior reporter at Kotaku.



Did anyone else feel Just Cause 3 had tilted too much towards the ‘sandbox’ aspect? I mean, it was great and all but felt pretty damn soulless. I remember hours upon hours of JC2 and some great missions and characters (Bolo Santosi FTW) but I struggle to think of anything in JC3 beyond just blowing the shit out of everything. I mean, seriously, the blowing the shit out of everything was simply amazing and sublime but i’m not sure it should be the take-away.

For my money, I hope JC4 lets me care a little more about who i’m about to shoot the shit out of.