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A demo for Just Cause 2 is coming to the PlayStation Network, Steam, and Xbox Live next week, giving players 35 square miles of the Lautan Lama Desert, packed with plenty of things to do, see, and blow-up.


Just Cause 2 isn't due out in North America until March 23, but Avalanche Studios and Square Enix are so eager to get the game into your hands that they're giving you a literal sandbox to play in on March 4.

Featuring a 35 square mile segment of the game's 400 square mile islands, the demo gives players free reign to do whatever they'd like to do however they'd like to do it. The area is littered with towns, military installations, mountains, and missions, with numerous vehicles and weapons at your disposal and one of the game's 50 colonels waiting for you to take him down. It even houses one full, multi-stage mission that begins with the infiltration of a base and ends with a car chase through the desert.


It sounds like it could be the most fun you've had playing a demo in ages. I'm looking forward to spending countless hours seeing how far I can fall before opening my chute.

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