Joy Ride Gets a Dis-Kinected Sequel

Kinect Joy Ride was a casual racing game released at launch with Kinect in 2010, and it didn't wow critics. ("Joy Ride might be the equivalent of a new word for spaghetti," wrote Stephen Totilo. "The old one's fine.") Gamers especially didn't care for standing up as they approximate the steering-wheel controls, something they felt was more intuitive if they were sitting down.


Well, you won't have the Kinect controls to kick around any more. There's a sequel—Joy Ride Turbo, coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade—and it appears to have ditched all Kinect support, going over to a standard controller. The game says it'll offer an "all new Stunt Park," where "you can jump off cliffs, shoot out of a cannon, and more." The game will feature new tracks, holdovers from the original, and online multiplayer supporting up to eight.

A specific release date was not given, but it's likely that we'll be getting this game sometime in the summer.

Joy Ride Turbo Is Coming To Xbox LIVE Arcade! [PlayXBLA]

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