Earlier this week, television host Jimmy Kimmel aired a skit that made fun of YouTube’s big new gaming-centric service. This clip then got uploaded to YouTube...and the results are not pretty.

The footage, which you can see above, is not surprising in the least. There are (bad) jokes about people who like watching other people play video games. Kimmel also takes jabs at the value of this form of entertainment, which is particularly ironic given how badly traditional TV is struggling to retain viewers. The entire thing sounds super out of touch—I mean, we live in a world where ESPN airs video games and PewDiePie is on the cover of Variety. Is the phenomenon of people wanting to watch video games really that arcane, still?

It’s probably not surprising at all to hear that the video was received poorly. At the moment, the the like/dislike ratio is as follows:

And the comments are kind of eviscerating Kimmel, too. That’s not out of the norm on YouTube; comments can get ugly. Thing is, many of these comments are actually on-point. Many articulate pretty well why, exactly, someone would want to watch someone else play a video game, or why Kimmel is so off the mark here:



I think the worst part of this is that it wouldn’t be difficult to make fun of gaming YouTubers—it’s not like the subject is sacred or anything. The scene is pretty silly, all things told. But you’d have to actually know what you’re talking about to make better jokes!