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Jesus Christ, Fight Night Has Guns?

In a cutscene, but if Fight Night Champion's gonna get an M-rating, it won't be sending Andre Bishop to the slammer for stealing cable TV. This sequence looks like something out of Mafia II, almost. With better brawling, one hopes.


EA Sports sent out that trailer yesterday as a further means of introducing you to Champion mode, a narrative singleplayer career apart from the series' popular Legacy modes. Not sure what got Andre in the pen, but it doesn't look like a drug deal gone good.

Fight Night: Champion floats like a butterfly March 1.

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Oh gosh...I really hope this isn't going to be a trend with EA games.

I'm all for adding something new, but please, please, please keep it optional as they are doing here.

The last thing I want to see is the next Fifa game being released with this sort of thing where you have to play as some poncy arsehole.