Jersey GameStops Break Street for Assassin's Creed II, L4D2

Illustration for article titled Jersey GameStops Break Street for Assassin's Creed II, L4D2

Three GameStops in Jersey City, N.J. put Assassin's Creed II and Left 4 Dead 2 on sale today, calling in customers to pick up their preorders. Clerks said corporate authorized the move, blamed on a rogue independent breaking street first.


The stores involved were nos. 4627, 4260 and 6005 at the Hudson Mall and Newport Centre. In calls placed to the stores, sales associates said another store in the area had started selling Assassin's Creed II and Left 4 Dead 2 early; they sought permission to break street from "higher ups" in GameStop, and it was granted. The broken street date was only for Jersey City, they said. Calls to stores in Hoboken and Clifton said Assassin's Creed II was not for sale until its Tuesday release date.

Last week, GameStop authorized stores in a much wider vicinity of the U.S. northeast to break the street date and begin seling Modern Warfare 2. Independent stores selling advance copies were also blamed in that instance.

Kotaku has emailed spokesmen for both GameStop and Ubisoft. Should they have any comment, it will be updated here.


Here's my two cents. I own a small mom and pop game store. MW2 brought in 10X as much revenue the store has ever done in a single game. Why? Because I sold it 1 day early. I could have had it last Thursday. Do you think I could have sold anywhere near as many copies without having it early? No. But I had to sign a piece of paper from the distributors saying I couldn't pick it up until Monday, even though they had it 5 days early. I can't afford to pick up hundreds if not Thousands of copies of one game. Although Gamestop can. The only jump I have on gamestop is that we have all the old gaming systems...literally everything, and we have games early.

How many copies did I sell the actual day of release...about 5.....Because you can pick it up everywhere else. Plus all the crappy exclusive pre-order bonuses that they get too....why would you buy from someone else if you can get more for your money? Other than actually talking to someone who isn't a pimply faced kid at Gamestop who has always thought that the Nintendo 64 was the first video system ever.

If Gamestop now releases games early, What is the point?

Again, I was supposed to have AC2 and L4D2 on Thursday, now I don't get it till Monday morning...Why? Because my distributors are all scared of getting fined and whatnot because all the publishers are cracking down and in turn I pay the price because of Gamestop's crap. #gamestop