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Xbox Japan has never had an easy time in The Land of the Rising Sun. Last year, with titles like Tales of Vesperia, the company saw some bright spots. This year has been somewhat grim.

Even with the recent Xbox 360 price, Microsoft only moved a little over 4,000 consoles in the most recent sales tally.


According to a Japanese game shop employee's personal blog, the individual thought that Microsoft had some big titles to show at this year's Tokyo Game Show. "But all in all, there was nothing," the retail blogger writes. Sure, there is Forza 3, but that game has already been announced.

"This year, the big, eagerly anticipated titles are Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii and Zelda, on the 360, there's not much of anything."

(Note: Not sure why Zelda is mentioned here — it could simply be an error or a reference to upcoming Zelda Nintendo DS title Spirit Tracks.)


"It might be very hard to change the domestic trend," the clerk says. "I really feel that it's too late in Japan which seems to be bailing."

The clerk wraps up his post, saying that perhaps from now on the Xbox 360 might have a shrinking presence in retail shops.


XBOX360の現状はかなり厳しいと思います。 [ゲーム屋さんのお店だより via jin] [Pic]

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