Nintendo and Sony both issued hardware price drops in Japan, effective October 1, on the Wii and PSP-3000, respectively. The clear winner from those cuts? The PSP.

The PSP's new 16,800 yen price almost helped dethrone the nearly unstoppable Nintendo DSi. The cut tripled week-over-week PSP sales, but fell short of surpassing the DSi by about 2,000 units. It was the same story for the now cheaper Wii, which came close to outselling the newer, cheaper, slimmer PlayStation 3, but didn't quite pull it off.

Somewhat surprising that Nintendo didn't pull ahead of Sony's now-gen console, especially in light of those impressive Wii Fit Plus sales. But tripling one's sales from the week prior, as Nintendo did in Japan this week, is still a nice little boost.

  • Nintendo DSi - 53,293
  • PSP - 51,215
  • PlayStation 3 - 37,538
  • Wii - 35,392
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 10,661
  • Xbox 360 - 4,244
  • PS2 - 2,179