Japanese People Swarm Star Ocean 4 Kiosks, Kiosks Show New Faceplate

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This past Sunday from noon to 5pm, eight Xbox 360 demo kiosks playing Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope were rolled out at the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera.


Before the event began, numbered tickets were passed out to those lining up, and only 100 posters were handed out. Players experienced a 15 minute demo session. According to Famitsu, the event was a success — though, Famitsu.com does not provide any headcount estimates.

The faceplate included in the upcoming "Arcade Star Ocean 4 Premium Bundle" pack was on display as well.

整理券が配布されるほどの盛況ぶり! Yodobashi-Akibaで『スターオーシャン4』先行体験会 [Famitsu]



I hope this game gets some heavy DLC support. Huge Star Ocean fan, and the only disappointment I found in 2 and 3 were that they ended. It would be awesome if every month they released an expansion that added a new planet, new towns, new characters, new stories, new items, new customizations, new enemies, and new areas...etc. I don't expect this to happen, but I can dream.

I like World of Warcraft because I don't like hitting a wall where I've completed everything and progression stops indefinitely. In WoW there's always a new content update or expansion around the corner to continue my character's progression. The allure of MMOs is that the game keeps going and I don't have to abandon my character (or party) that I've invested hours into. The developer hasn't abandon the game and is giving me incentive not to abandon the game either.

If there was ever a single-player JRPG that followed said model of continually added content...it would be the epitome of awesomness.