Japanese Newspaper Wonders About "Game Addicts"

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The Mainichi Daily News is running a three part series on online game addiction.

Most of it seems like scare mongering — students who start playing Maple Story and suddenly became poor students. There's even worse with one mother saying this about her game addicted child, "Sometimes, he'll throw the remote control at the TV, overturn the dining table, bite my hand, or try to strangle me. It's enough to get me wondering if he'll kill me."


Sounds like there are deeper issues here than online gaming...

Game Addicts: What's a parent to do? [Mainichi]

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Jaded Game-Lovin' Crumudgeon

I'm on the fence with this. I'm usually against regulation of any sort with games, but if you've played an mmo a lot and then stepped away from it for a while, you realize how easy it is to get sucked into playing them for unreasonable amounts of time. I don't think little kids should be allowed anywhere near em, tbh.