Japanese Developer Codes First Ever Ding-Dong-Ditch Simulator

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We called it Ring-And-Run. Other kids called it Ding Dong Ditch. Only when I moved out and lived on my own did I realize how aggravating it is to have some nitwit fifth-grader knock on your door and hide in the bushes when you went to open it. At least they didn't leave a flaming bag of dogshit on the stoop.


This phenomenon crosses cultures, evidently, as a Japanese developer has released Knock And Run (Ding Dong Dash is its Japanese name) for iOS. With it, you may annoy the crap out of 10 different homeowners and see their enraged reactions up close without paying any of the consequences.

While I suppose I'm glad we're giving kids a safe outlet to express these annoying urges, I do worry that they're missing an important lesson of being immature.


The game is free.

Knock and Run [iTunes via Siliconera]

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I prefer Knock and Don't Run to the original version!