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This Japanese Gaming Peripheral Holds Your Head Up So You Don't Have To

When holding your head up is too much trouble, there's this

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A man uses the gaming cushion.
Time to relax.
Image: Thanko

That’s not a massage table! You are looking at the Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z. Pointed out by Gizmodo Japan and PC Watch, it was specifically created for you to place your head face down between the two cushions, and play video games, look at your phone or tablet, and even read books.

This is the latest entry in Japan’s quest to help people be more lazy when gaming.

A woman with glasses uses the cushion.
Glasses are a-okay!
Image: Thanko

Created by peripheral company Thanko, it was even designed so you can wear glasses comfortably.


Gaming cushions, such as this one released in Japan in 2020, are already a thing. What makes this different is that it’s not a simple cushion, but rather, more of an elaborate head rest.

Two men lounge on the cushion in different ways.
You can also use the cushion like so.
Image: Thanko

This product is for when you don’t even feel like holding up your head. Or for when lying on your back, realizing holding your gaming handheld over your face is too tiring. Thanko is known for making silly peripherals, but while this looks goofy, it might actually be useful.

A Switch can be seen through the two cushions.
Looking through the two cushions provides, like, a viewfinder to focus on your Switch gaming.
Image: Thanko

On Japanese bulletin board 5ch, commenters have things to say about the Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z:

“If you were playing for a long time, this might be good. Since you can easily change how you play the Switch while lying down, if anything, I think it’s aimed more at the Steam Deck.”

“I think facing upwards is better.”

“It seems handy, but the way it looks is so messed up.”

“I’d imagine this makes your head hurt.”

“Lying down and gaming is exhausting.”

“If you have this, [using] the Steam Deck will be fine.”

“I bet if used it for a long time, your arm would go numb.”

“I’ve always thought beanbag chairs were good.”

“How far are they gonna take it?”

The Lying Face Down Sleep Cushion Z is priced at 6,980 yen ($60) and went on sale this week in Japan.