Remove one piece of chocolate from a chocolate bar. Swap two other pieces, and voilà, you have what sure seems like an endless supply of chocolate.

Of course, it's not. The above GIF, created from this video by YouTube user Mariano Tomatis, shows how the trick appears to result in the same-sized chocolate bar. However, if you look closely, it does get a wee bit smaller. How much smaller? Minus one piece smaller.

If you like that GIF, here's another chocolate baffler:

This GIF recently appeared on 2ch, Japan's largest forum, where it amazed, delighted, and, yes, baffled. Drawings like this were posted to help explain what the hell was going on in the GIF.


There's an easier explanation: Witchcraft.

このgifが不思議でたまらんのだが [2ch]

Top GIF: Mariano Tomatis

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