Japan Can Buy Microsoft Points Over The Phone

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Lazy sods! Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo have announced that, starting May 26, their customers will be able to buy Microsoft Points over their mobile phone. You know how it is. It's late, you've had a few, you feel like playing Rez, then remember you don't have Rez. And credit card numbers are long, and entering them on a control pad is hard. This would help. It even supports the renewal/payment of your Gold subscription.


Buy Xbox Live Points Through Japanese Cell Phones [Game|Life]


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@Volatire:The Japanese's dislike for Microsoft's hamhanded efforts is one major reason they need to do this. They should have had it ready to go a year ago as @Atheist Jew:pointed out, they live and die by their phones. Credit cards don't cut it any more and given the troubles people have trying to remove a credit card number from a 360, it's a hell of a lot safer.