Japan At War

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Are You Going to Play World At War Nice review. Oh definitely, I plan on picking up World at War. Not sure if Japanese people have issues with them being depicted as moving targets in a FPS — I mean, there are lots of different people in Japan, all with different opinions. You'd be painting with broad brushstrokes by saying people didn't care and equally broad ones by saying they did. What I have noticed living here: Whenever TV dramas show the war, it's often soldiers going off to war, not really wanting to, but having no choice because the Emperor said so. Remember, this was a time when the Emperor was viewed as G-o-d. Though, I've heard in conversation with some people is that it's not about good guys or bad guys or America was right and Japan was wrong, but more about winners and losers. That Japan was simply doing what Europe and the United States had done a century or two earlier: Expanding and colonizing. (Obviously China and Korea will have a different take on this!) But Japan lost, and America got to write history — and make FPS games. What you missed last night Fable II Has Epic October Sales, Peter Molyneux Seems Pleased LBP 4 PSP WTF? EA, Take-Two, Nintendo (And Ubisoft!) Cautious About Christmas Spending Goodbye Brash Entertainment RadioShack, You're Doing It Wrong! 32% Of PS3 Owners Have GTA IV (And Other Fun Take-Two Statistics) This Is How Much Japan's Market Has Declined In 12 Months


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