Jack Black Cosplays at Video Music Awards

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Did you watch the Video Music Awards last night?

I didn't, which means I missed a bit of Jack Black cosplay.

Never mind the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift imbroglio or the Lady Gaga performance blood bath, I didn't get a chance to see Black walk the carpet as Brutal Legend hero Eddie Riggs.


MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick says Black was wearing a muscle shirt, head banger's wig and sporting a ginormous ax. He really should have brought a legion of Headbangers with him to complete the look.

VMAs Feature Jack Black Dressed As Eddie Riggs Of 'Brutal Legend' [MTV Multiplayer]

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I think we need some qualifiers on the word "Cosplay". What Black is doing is the same as the booth models at the trade conventions is "Coswork" not play. Having a costume provided to you, receiving compensation, personal involvement in the product, turn it into advertising rather than fan enthusiasm.