Iwata: iPhone Can't Be Appreciated Like Nintendo Products Can

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For a long time, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has maintained a stance that the Nintendo DS and Apple's iPhone aren't competing. A stance he seems to have let slide for a day.


Speaking after Nintendo's recent fiscal year report briefing, Iwata sounds like the constant comparisons between the two devices have got to him, as he remarks:

I do not imagine that iPhone will dominate the Nintendo DS market at once. My impression as the person who has used iPhone is, it is very attractive but, frankly, I did not feel that it was designed to be appreciated by a wide variety of people like how Nintendo has been designing its products.

I don't know. I appreciate how the iPhone can make phone calls. My DS can't. Then again, I don't appreciate how there's still no decent Advance Wars clone on Apple's device.

Guess I'll have to keep appreciating both devices, then!

Financial Results Briefing Q&A [Nintendo]



i got an ipod touch for christmas last year because i kept hearing of the apps.. and i never had an ipod so i figured hey why not. i actually love the device for so many things.. and although some of the games are really amazing (edge!!!), overall.. it wont compare to my ds or even my psp.

the only thing that is a definite plus over those 2 is that i dont have to carry around umds and carts with me.. im really looking forward to a mostly digital generation. it sucks having 35 ds games.. and having to pop them in and out.. sheer convenience keeps me trying random stuff or going from game to game on my ipod touch.

BUT.. the thing that i and so many of you need to start considering this thing a gaming device is traditional controls.. and even nintendo knew that. if the wii was remote only.. i dont think any of us here would defend it.

in the ipod touch/iphones case.. i think they need to add a qwerty keyboard that slides out and a dpad with 4 face buttons. have an l and r above the bottom portion and a track ball on the right. if the dpad was similar to the scroll wheel for the ipod shuffle.. i think theyd have a hit. having a tracl ball for looking and whatnot in a shooter coupled with the scroll wheel would probably be a hit. add 3g access we could subscribe to like xbox live.. and i dont see why it wouldnt be a success... that is if the devs gave it a shot.

i also like the opportunities for the indie devs on the ipod touch/iphone.. only problem is.. theyre limited to that touch screen.

i doubt apple would do all that.. so msft.. if you guys are making a zune gaming device.. TAKE NOTES! lol..