Iwata: iPhone Can't Be Appreciated Like Nintendo Products Can

For a long time, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has maintained a stance that the Nintendo DS and Apple's iPhone aren't competing. A stance he seems to have let slide for a day.


Speaking after Nintendo's recent fiscal year report briefing, Iwata sounds like the constant comparisons between the two devices have got to him, as he remarks:

I do not imagine that iPhone will dominate the Nintendo DS market at once. My impression as the person who has used iPhone is, it is very attractive but, frankly, I did not feel that it was designed to be appreciated by a wide variety of people like how Nintendo has been designing its products.

I don't know. I appreciate how the iPhone can make phone calls. My DS can't. Then again, I don't appreciate how there's still no decent Advance Wars clone on Apple's device.

Guess I'll have to keep appreciating both devices, then!

Financial Results Briefing Q&A [Nintendo]

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