Iwata Asks, Rhythm Heaven Team Overshares

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Nintendo top man Satoru Iwata subjects the creative team behind Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Tengoku to a five part, comprehensive deconstruction of all of the development processes put into this franchise.


It is a whopper of a read. But I plucked this from the kicker. It's real fun when the company's top boss asks three guys all on the same team what they think of one another, in their presence.

Iwata:Oh, that's right. I've got a question for Osawa-san. What do you think of Takeuchi-san?
Kazuoshi Osawa: Hm?
Kou Takeuchi: Uh-oh… (laughs)
Masami Yone: Uh-oh… (laughs)
Osawa: Umm…
Takeuchi: I'm s-scared to hear. (laughs)

Iwata: What kind of person is he?
Osawa: I'd be…lost without him.
Everyone: (laughs uproariously)
Osawa: Spiritually…professionally…I'd be…lost. (laughs)
Iwata: I truly understand. (laughs)
Osawa: Is that answer…all right? (laughs)
Iwata: It's fine. What about Yone-san?

Osawa: He's very…kind. He knows how to read me…and cheers me up. When I'm feeling down, he e-mails me pictures of kittens.
Everyone:(roaring laughter)
Iwata: And th-that cheers you up. (laughs)
Osawa: Photos of cute kittens are a big help. (laughs)
Yone: In the morning, when he looks down-and-out, I send him pictures of kittens to help him relax.
Takeuchi: You do?! (laughs)
Yone: Sometimes.
Osawa: Sometimes.
Iwata: You shouldn't use company e-mail for that! (laughs)

Ha ha! That Iwata he's such a joker. He was joking right? And then everyone flees to go delete their email.

Iwata Asks - Rhythm Heaven [Rhythm Heaven]


i wonder what miyamoto uses his email for