Ittle Dew Is A Zelda-Style Game That Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

Poking around on the Ouya today, I was lucky enough to find Ittle Dew, and it had me laughing within five minutes. This is a fun adventure game with a great sense of humor, but it also has a female protagonist that likes to beat people up and take their loot. Watch the video above to see her burn an old man alive.


Ittle Dew is out now on Windows, Mac and Ouya, and is coming to many other platforms later this year.



Wow...This is an exact rip off of Zelda.. I mean there is a difference between being inspired by Zelda, and just flat out ripping it off, and just making the characters different. The main character looks different but still wears green, Navi is now...a fox.. and they use potions that look the same, the same story as A Links Awakening with him brushing onto shore on an island. The dungeons look pretty similar, except the few "new" gameplay elements like the fire club or whatever... The layout looks just like LttP. I mean.. Really.. This isn't just inspired, its a flat out rip off. It won't be better than Zelda so i guess there is no reason to care.