It's Like System Shock, Only Without The Evil Green Lady

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Prominence is a first-person game with no shooting. Just clicking, and problem solving, and wandering around the deserted corridors of a science-fiction facility.


Interestingly, it's the product of Digital Media Workshop, a firm that normally specialises in design work, but in this instance is trying to leverage some of that experience into making a video game all on its own.

Played in the first-person perspective, you just...walk around, reading old logs, listening to audio recordings, exploring your environment and trying to get an old computer mainframe up and running. While the clip below shows free control of your viewpoint, you're never shown moving, something that should thrill Myst fans no end.

It's not for everyone, then, but for those who like their puzzles to have a little atmosphere, it looks like this might do the trick!

Prominence is coming to the PC sometime next year.



So, it looks like Portal but plays like Myst?