It's Like Assassin's Creed, But with Japanese Cookies

Internet person Myorin sure digs Assassin's Creed. His Twitter page is covered in AC, and when it was time to make a stop-motion flick, he used music from Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The inclusion of Japanese snacks, though?


Dubbed Assassin of the Mushroom Mountain, the stop motion flick is comprised of 400 to 500 images. If you are familiar with Japanese snacks, you'll know Kinoko no Yama ("mushroom mountain") and Takenoko no Yama ("bamboo shoot mountain"). Usually people like one or the other—not both!

In the stop-motion clip, the mushroom cookies are pitted against the bamboo shoot cookies. It's kind of like the Assassins versus the Templars, which the Assassins being the mushroom cookies (cause they taste good) and the Templars being the bamboo cookies (cause they taste bad). There's also action and graphic cookie-on-cookie violence.

Stick around for the credits, which have list the roles and respective actors ("Mushroom Assassin: Kinoko no Yama") as well as other credits ("Annoyance During Filming: Homemade Cake Cocoa Powder").

きのこたけのこ戦争を描くストップモーションアニメ「きのこの山の暗殺者」 [Gigazine]



It´s like watching a interpretative Hungarian puppet show from 1978. All brownish and no one really knows what the hell is going on.

There could also be a hidden agenda somewhere..especially with those massive credits!