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It's Easier To Bring A New-Gen Game To 360 Than PS3, Ubisoft Says

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today Ubisoft announced that country-sized racer The Crew will be coming to Xbox 360 in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3, however, has been left sputtering at the starting line. Fans aren't pleased, but Ubisoft claims it's much easier this way.


While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are roughly comparable in terms of power, PS3—at least in this case—is much tougher to develop for. Ubisoft, then, has decided to take the faster (and possibly more furious) route by focusing on a machine more attuned to The Crew's technical demands.

A Ubisoft rep explained to Kotaku:

"The Crew was originally built for the new generation of consoles, so when we made the decision to port it to the previous generation, we decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen's technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360."

"We are not currently working on a version for PS3 and are focused on delivering The Crew for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously on November 11th."


Sorry, PS3 owners. Them's the breaks. I'm kinda surprised The Crew can run on a last-gen console at all given its seamless, multiple-city-spanning nature, so I guess technical issues were bound to flare up.

That said, I've asked Ubisoft for more specifics and if they're considering doing a PS3 version in the future. I'll update this post when I hear back.