Video Game Lets You Drive From Miami To L.A. In 40 Minutes, Seamlessly

We've seen games that let you run from one end of a huge, real city to another. But Ubisoft's The Crew promises an altogether more impressive spectacle: one smooth drive from Miami Beach to the beaches of Los Angeles. Take a look.


The footage above was captured and uploaded by YouTube user Birds AT (and spotted by us via Polygon). "The car I drove was very low level and had only a few upgrades," they wrote on YouTube, "So it had much power but handled very poor. So forgive me the spins."

This is a pretty cool way to test Ubisoft's promise that their open-world racing game has a massive, open America for players to drive through. You'll see landmarks along the way. At 9:27, for example, that's New Orleans' Superdome. The Crew is in beta now and set for release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 11. The game apparently includes an official coast-to-coast driving mission.