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It's China's Second-Biggest Video Game (Sort Of)

Illustration for article titled Its Chinas Second-Biggest Video Game (Sort Of)

Until April, visitors to New York's Museum of Modern Art will be able to check out "Long March: Restart", which is basically one of (if not the biggest) video games you'll ever play.


Not in terms of the scale of the game itself; it's a 2D platformer, not an expansive role-playing game. But it is on enormous screens, two of them in fact (running on six projectors), and the game is entirely playable.


The work of Chinese artist Feng Mengbo, you control a Red Army soldier fighting evil Red Army soldiers, and amidst all the 8-bit revelry and political statements you'll find cameos from some of video gaming's greats.

It's running until April 4 at MoMA's PS1 site on Long Island, NY. You can see a demonstration of the video below.

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I am so glad to see an article on Feng Mengbo!

I worked with him a few years ago as part of an exhibition for the University of North Texas near Dallas. We constructed a DDR-like platform for controlling his piece Q4U, a quake mod where you are Mengbo in an endless deathmatch against other Mengbos. He was intrigued by the concept of taking on immortal avatars for war purposes, as games like Halo almost present battles in war as frivolous unending battles between faceless avatars that could potentially go on forever. And with a crazy platform to control the character on screen, you basically did a never-ending dance of death in a struggle with no clear purpose or resolution.

Glad to see his work getting more attention; even though most of his pieces deal with issues of modern China, many of his other pieces are certainly relevant to the video game community. :)