Playing Video Games On A Screen Bigger Than A Football Field

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Think playing Gears of War on the scoreboard at Texas Stadium was impressive? It's got nothing on this guy, who may have splashed out $15,000 to play a PC game on a screen that's 820 feet long.


We're not sure what the game was - it appears to be a Chinese World of Warcraft knock-off - but there's no doubting the scale of that screen, even if (thanks to the aspect ratio) the screen had to be "tiled" three times instead of stretching over the whole thing.

MMOSite reckons the man, a guild leader, spent $15,000 for the privilege of playing on the enormous screen (located in Beijing), which bought him an evening on a deck chair playing the game on his laptop.

Since the video doesn't do the scale of the screen justice, the picture up top shows what it looks like when somebody isn't using it to play video games on. Below? The man in question playing video games on it.

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its all about relative size. My 23" screen from 13" away looks amazing to me, plus its heated and doesnt cause my neck to hurt