To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

So, I went into Osaka City yesterday (fashionable Minami-Horie to be precise!) to pick up a baby present for a friend. I drove, thinking I could pick up the present and hop back into my car. Easy.

I pulled into a side-street and turned into another street that sat catty-corner to the shop and realized it was a one way street. There was no on-coming traffic, and the street was rather quiet. Still, I did a u-turn and headed out the empty street in the correct direction. There was a policeman waiting for me.


No, there were three.

They were standing out in front of their police box. So they invited me in for a US$85 ticket. The officer was polite as I pointed out that the one-way street was not clearly marked and that once I realized I was headed in the wrong direction, I doubled back. He said I could pay my ticket on Monday.

I thanked him and parked the car and headed into the shop to pick up the present. While I was in there, another car turned into the same street, also going the wrong direction. The three officers stood there waiting and stopped him once he doubled back. They then invited him for a $85 ticket. He can pay it on Monday.

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