You might think the most important new feature in Steam's "Big Picture" mode is, well, its big picture. But for many hardcore PC gamers, who don't use the service on a TV screen, the real good stuff can be found with the tweak of a command line.


Users in the Big Picture beta have found that, with a few minor amendments, Steam games can be easily installed on any drive in a computer, not just the default. For owners of more than one hard drive - and as SSDs catch on, it's an increasing number - that's a god-send, as trying to move Steam games around previous was a massive pain in the arse.

While not every game will support this, many do. Hopefully it's something that, once perfected in the beta, can be rolled out to the Steam community at large real soon.

Full instructions on how to enable the feature can be found below.

Steam finally adds choice of installation drive [PC Gamer]